How To Clean Vomit From Upholstery?

Most of the time vomit on the upholstery is not common, however, one can vomit on the upholstery if they’re genuinely sick or they’re alcoholic. There’s an English proverb related to alcohol i.e “In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is Freedom, and in the water there are bacteria.” There are multiple side-effects of drinking alcohol, vomiting is one of those side-effects.

Clean Vomit From Upholstery

Clean Vomit From Upholstery

We all have a moment in our life when our head is inside the pothole to spill out all the alcohol. However, some unfortunate people don’t have enough time to find a pot for puking, this is when puking in public occurs. While drinking in a social gathering is a norm, puking is embarrassing. And if you’re in a house party, there’s a risk your home can become a vomit ground, and yes even your upholstery. Vomit does not look good around, it is gross and it harbours germs and bacteria, vomit can occur for various reasons, but that’s not our concern.

You may be here to get rid of vomit stains and odour from the upholstery and disinfect it. We will try to help you with this issue.

To start with, you need these following items:

  • A garbage bag
  • Dishwashing gloves (optional)
  • A spoon
  • Distilled white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide
  • Spray bottle
  • Soft cloths or old dish towels

1. Put on your dishwashing gloves, before starting.

2. Scrape off the vomit using a spoon and put it inside the garbage bag. After putting the vomit inside the trash bag, tie the bag tightly. It is recommended to use a biodegradable trash bag.

3. Mix one cup (150 Ml) of white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide (do not add both) in distilled water and then add this into a spray bottle.

4. Mix the solution well and spray this over the vomit and let it sit for 1 to 2 minutes.

5. Spray the solution over the stain until it is dampened and then blot the area using a dry soft cloth to absorb the moisture.

6. If there is a stain on the upholstery, you need to use an upholstery stain removal solvent.

There are many other ways to clean the vomit from the upholstery.

How to Clean Vomit from Upholstery

Here’s another method if the vomit is dried and you woke up in a hangover

You need the following items to start the cleaning.

  1. Baking soda
  2. A towel
  3. A vacuum cleaner

Pour baking soda onto your upholstery over the affected region.

  1. Sprinkle the baking soda over a towel and keep the towel for at least 15 minutes. When you can not keep an eye on them, make sure that the room is locked off to any dogs.
  2. Toss the towel in the washer, then vacuum up all the baking soda so you can tend to the stain. After all the baking soda has been drained, follow the Method 1 instruction.

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